Mountain Man

This was my first attempt using large mallet tools instead of my palm
tools during a Jeff Phares class in May 2006.
Jeff is well-known for his realistic carvings of Native Americans,
frontiersmen and soldiers.  He has written 4 books covering the
human face.

Everyone started with an 8"x8"x15" block of butternut and was allowed
to choose what they wished to carve.  Eight students decided to carve
a dual-bust of Indians or cowboys.  Three of us went with a mountain
I learned a lot from this class and I am very pleased with the results.
You can click on any of the pictures to view a larger image.
  • Jeff assisting Ray
  • Jeff speaking to the class
  • Me starting the process
Completed carving
Jeff is the one with his back to us
Jeff instructing the whole class
I had no idea what I was doing here
starting to shape up
Looks like he is wearing a football helmet
Now I can see him better
One big chunk of butternut
This is more like it
  • End of day 3
Johnnie Reb
miniture house less than 2
one of my very first carvings