Out in the middle of nowhere and in the most northern "niche" of Tennessee.

The campground is very nice and we were lucky to get an extremely good location.  The site was level
bathhouse had decent showers.

This was the first trip where it rained in buckets on us.  We had to configure our camp layout to stay dry.  
You can tell by the pictures just what we had to do.  Overall, we loved camping here even in the rain.  With
the way we rigged everything, we managed to stay very dry once the tents and tarps were up.

Even though you have to really drive and "seek out" this campground, it is well worth the trip.  There are
some very nice campsites that have good understory.  The lake is close enough to see and enjoy, but far
enough were you don't hear the boats that are running up and down the lake.