One very interesting feature of this park; camping is FREE.  I guess that's why I have stayed at this park
convenient. I have found this to be a very "transit" park. Meaning: RV's come for one night, and then move
on; not staying more than one night.  Meriwether Lewis Park is located at milepost 385.9 along the
Natchez Trace Parkway.  Lewis' grave is marked by a large monument in the form of a broken shaft,
symbolizing the tragic loss of the great explorer in the prime of his life.  A log cabin replica is located near
the site of the original inn.

Two picnic areas, a campground, and several miles of hiking trails through the hills and along Little
Swan Creek make Meriwether Lewis a highlight of the Trace.

The bathrooms do not contain a shower.
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Steep hillsides drop off from all sides of the camping area. Younger trees, some of which are
dogwoods, separate the sites. The camping areas are well maintained, well spaced and offer decent
privacy. The other camping area is on a narrow side ridge, with sites strung out on the road.  Each site
has a good view into the woods below. This area has the only bathrooms in the campground. But who's
more sites that are the quietest of them all. This is where I stayed.  The best sites are here at the end of
complaining, since the campground is free. A small auto turnaround at the end of the road offers a few
the turnaround.