I have three wonderful children; Christie, John and Alysa.  Christie graduated from Oklahoma State Univ.
and now lives in Connecticut.  John graduated from Georgia State Univ. and lives and works in GA.  Alysa
is still pursuing her degree and has moved to Idaho. Christie is in the computer business; John is in
marketing; Alysa is a student.

Angela and I have been together about 10 years now and loving life as we travel together workcamping
along the way.  In 2017 we are starting our dream of hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail.

My home is Nashville but I am retired and now working as a campground host to support my camping
habit.   I really enjoy getting back out in the woods.  Tennessee is a beautiful state and I wish I had moved
back sooner than I did but now looking forward to seeing other great sites across our nation.

A few of my hobbies include camping, wood carving, geocaching, hiking/backpacking and tying paracord
items.  I've always been big in computers and self taught myself basic Android programming and wrote a
few simple apps for my tablet. A few computer/console games I enjoy are World of Warcraft, Hearthstone,
Minecraft and most of the Grand Theft Auto series.  When I take time to read, my favorite authors are Tom
Clancy, John Grisham and James Patterson.

I enjoy the peace and quiet nature has to offer.  This country of ours is so large and beautiful and there is
so much to see and savor.
A little more about me

I was introduced to camping when I lived in Wichita Falls, TX
during the 6th grade.  My parents talked me into joining scouting
and I had a blast.  I was lucky enough to have an exceptional troop
leader that cared about our advancement. My father got wrapped
up in the troop as well and we would go on any camping trip that
was planned. I still have an axe that  was awarded to me from that
About Me
My father was in the Marines and my mother was a good ole
country girl from middle Tennessee. I have one sister, thank
goodness, that lives in Massachusetts, but I don't hold that against
her (yeah, not much).  We moved many times and lived in
Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, California and Hawaii.  I joined
the Air Force after having way too much fun in college.  Served 22
years and lived in Lousiana, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii and
England. When I retired from the Air Force I moved to Dallas, TX
and lived there for 8 years before heading back home to Nashville.
That's me
Hiking in the Smokies
Me pole vaulting in 1972