My adventures were mostly centered around middle Tennessee because of my home in
Nashville.  As time allowed at work, I would take a few vacation days and turn a normal weekend
into a "3 day" weekend.  This allowed for more trips with longer traveling times.  There are many
parks and sites in Tennessee and the great USA I would still like to visit.
A little about me

People know me as Camper John and my wife, Angela, and I
are home based out of Nashville, TN.  I have been retired
since 2012 and now we travel the country as Work Campers.

One of our favorite sayings about the outdoors:

Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints
Waste nothing but time

It basically means to treat the outdoors with respect, and
nature in return will provide you with many wonderful moments.
Note:  All pictures on my site are thumbnails and where taken by me with a tripod, or someone
that was camping with me.  Feel free to click on them to view larger images.
During one of my camping trips a few years back, I picked up a knife and started whittling on a
small limb I found for a walking stick.  I wasn't trying to carve anything in particular, but it was
relaxing and enjoyable.  I thought  "how hard can this be"?  So I did some research and attended a
beginners carving class at The Smoky Mountain School of Woodcarving located in Townsend, TN.  
I carved a little Santa and was hooked.  If you have a little extra time, please feel free to look at
some of my carvings by selecting the Carving button to the left.
Pickwick Landing State Park TN
Foster Falls State Park TN
Smoky Mountains
Natchez Trace Parkway TN
In addition to carving, I was wondering what could I do while camping to get me 'out and about'.  I
came across a hobby called Geocaching.   In a nut shell, sort of looking for Tupperware in the
website and using the Google maps included, found a cache that looked like it was in a parking
lot.  Sure enough, right smack dab in a parking lot (I'll let you figure this one out).  Great experience
and I was hooked.
I am currently in the
process of updating my
site, please be patient if
all the links do not


During my camping trips before I retired, I spoke with many camp hosts and came to realize this
was something I wanted to pursue.  I added a button to the left for those that would like more
information about this great way to travel and see the country.  We love the life style and plan to do
this for a long time.
Game Development
In my spare time, I work on game development.  Feel free to download and play for free at the link